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2011 Calendar

Daycare will be closed on the following days during 2011:

Monday,February 16, Presidentís Day (Personal)

Friday, April 22, Good Friday (Personal)

Monday, May 30, Memorial Day (Holiday)

Friday, June 17, Personal Day (Personal)

Monday, July 4, Independence Day (Holiday)

Tuesday, July 5, Provider Vacation (Vacation)

Wednesday, July 6, Provider Vacation (Vacation)

Thursday, July 7, Provider Vacation (Vacation)

Friday, July 8, Provider Vacation (Vacation)

Friday, August 12, Personal Day (Personal)

Monday, September 5, Labor Day (Holiday)

Friday, October 14, NAEYC Convention (Personal)

Friday, November 11, Veteran's Day (Personal)

Thursday, November 24, Thanksgiving (Holiday)

Friday, November 25, Personal Day (Vacation)

Monday, December 26, Christmas (Holiday)

Parent is required to pay for any days listed as Holiday and Vacation. There is no fee for days listed as Personal.

These are dates that I know about and can plan for at this time. These do not include days daycare will need to close due to illness, or other events that I am unaware of at this time.

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